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Technical Translation

Certified Translation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Grammar research, lexical cohesion, phraseology, terminology and glossary development, aiming at text standardization.

Certified translation is the service provided by a sworn translator, registered/enrolled in the registry of commerce of their state.

The simultaneous interpretation service consists of simultaneously translating the speech of a speaker for the listening audience.

Consecutive interpreting service is a type of translation dividing a person’s speech into segments of several seconds or minutes to be translated consecutively.

Desktop Publishing

Voice over and Subtitling

Technical Review

Audio Transcription

We use the most appropriate software to carry out the work and we value confidentiality, flexibility and, above all, our commitment to you.

Voice over and subtitling services consist of translation by audio overlay and/or subtitles, respectively.

As much as a review can be done on your own, short deadlines, lack of language training and experience in services of this type can compromise the final quality.

It refers to the act of transcribing the information contained in a media, whether in video or audio format, to a Word document, which may be digital or analog.

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